Church of St Sophia,
Temple Magdalene Unity Fellowship

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The Church of St Sophia is a local member church of the Temple Magdalene Unity Fellowship, a gnostic church community that honors Mary Magdalene as the Apostle to the Apostles, and the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

Perhaps "semi-gnostic" might be a better description, as we do not recognize a malicious lower god, but instead focus on the experience of gnosis, that is, experiential understanding.

We are open, welcoming, non-denominational, and tolerant of many viewpoints.

Church of St Sophia

Image by Lee Travathan from Pixabay

We honor the Divine Feminine, but we do not devalue the masculine. We look for and work toward balance between masculine and feminine, and promote the expression and the appreciation of both elements.

We believe the patriarchy does not represent the sacred masculine but rather is a perversion of true masculinity that disempowers both men and women. We believe that the patriarchy is a systemic energetic structure that funnels power from the many to the hands of the few.

We believe that men generally have been demonized because of the actions of the patriarchy, which acts only in self-interest and harms both genders, but in different ways.

Image by Jacques GAIMARD from Pixabay

We believe that some expressions of feminism, by focusing on and reacting to the negative aspects of the patriarchy, have taken on some of the characteristics of the patriarchy that they oppose, disempowering and devaluing both men and women.

We believe that feminism in this sense does not represent the Divine Feminine, but has evolved into a sociocultural institution that does not serve women in the way it may originally have been intended.

We believe that bringing the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine into the awareness of individuals will help to raise their consciousness and bring them to the place where they can see the power centers of  patriarchy and reactive feminism for what they are, work to break down those sociocultural constructs, and replace them with archetypal structures that serve men and women better.

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In the Temple Magdalene Unity Fellowship, we honor those who seek wisdom and gnosis. We honor Mary Magdalene for her role in bringing this wisdom to us through her deep understanding and knowledge of the teachings of Yeheshua. She truly was the Apostle to the Apostles, though many refused to hear her, and some worked to discredit her.

We use symbols to learn and express deeper truths, and we learn and celebrate that learning together as a community.

Because of covid restrictions, we are not meeting in person. We hope to return to in-person church services in the near future, but follow guidance from the North Dakota Department of Health. In the meantime, we have been meeting by phone and video chat. Soon we will create our YouTube channel for our services, and perhaps do Facebook live videos of our services as they happen. I am not big on the tech stuff, so it hasn't happened yet....