Rebecca Ellen Augustine
Welcomes You 

Love ◊ Encourage ◊ Inspire

Rebecca Ellen Augustine here, welcoming you to my interfaith ministry services. I'm so glad you're here.

Whether you would like an officiant for your wedding; a blessingway or baby naming; home, land, or business blessing; memorial service; or would simply like spiritual comfort and counsel:  my service to you is to love, encourage, and inspire you. My gift to you is to uplift you, comfort you, and support and serve you in your spiritual life.

I am an ordained interfaith minister, with an extensive knowledge of most Christian denominations, and a broad understanding of other major world religions and spiritual paths. If you are more spiritual than religious, I have experience in many forms of spirituality.

I pastor the Church of St Sophia, a member of the Temple Magdalene Unity Fellowship, in Fargo, North Dakota.

◊ A Bit About Rebecca Ellen Augustine ◊

Recognized as a Human Rights Defender by Amnesty International, I am an ordained minister, public speaker, and life coach, with a baccalaureate degree in Sociology and seminary training for the ministry.

I am the author of Love Without Cause: Create Inner Transformation, Renew Your Thinking, and Be Love In a World That Doesn't Deserve Itavailable now on Amazon.

I have the education, background, and experience to support you on your spiritual path, and to help you create a ceremony, blessing, or event that perfectly reflects you and your family.

◊ Wedding Ministries ◊

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You're getting married! Congratulations! Celebrate your love with a wedding ceremony that speaks to you both.

Whether you’d like a spiritual perspective or a secular ceremony, together we can create the ceremony you want. 

I offer a healing, calm, accepting presence. At 60 years old, I have the experience to bring wisdom, grace, joy, and peacefulness to your special day.

I have officiated many weddings in Minnesota and North Dakota, and I would love to help you have the ceremony of your dreams.

I'm an interfaith minister, so I work with everyone! 

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◊ Celebrations of a Life Well-Lived ◊

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When a loved one passes but isn't a member of a place of worship, it can be a challenge to find someone to honor their life in a memorial service .

I work with families, offering comfort and peace in the midst of their loss, and helping them create a memorial ceremony that honors their loved one and celebrates a life well lived. 

I conduct memorials in funeral homes, personal homes, cemeteries, or anywhere the family chooses to hold the memorial.

Please feel welcome to contact me, Rebecca Ellen Augustine, so I may serve you and your family.

◊ Baby Naming and Blessingway Ceremonies ◊

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Celebrate the newest member of your family with a special ceremony to welcome your baby!

Baby naming and blessingway ceremonies are lovely ways to allow your family and friends to meet and celebrate the arrival of your little one into your family.

These ceremonies can be held anywhere you'd like, and can include any family members and friends you choose.

Share your delight and joy in your newborn with all those who are important to you, and solemnize their welcome into the community and your family.

Contact me, Rebecca Ellen Augustine, to visit about celebrating your new family member.

◊ Home, Land, and Business Blessings ◊

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Blessing your home, land, or business gets your new venture off to a great start. Beginning your new life by honoring your spirituality keeps you mindful of the greater vision of our lives.

Choose a simple ceremony or a complex one, whichever suits your situation. Many older homes or places of business, especially, feel better to their new owners when the home and its previous occupants are blessed with gratitude and joy.

◊ Spiritual Counseling ◊

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Everyone needs a shoulder or a new perspective sometimes. As an ordained minister, I offer you a safe place to lay down your burdens, and share spiritual insights to help you cope.

Spiritual insight can help give you strength to carry on, and can offer understanding of yourself and others as spiritual beings.

I do not offer therapy; I am neither trained nor licensed to offer you that kind of care. My counsel is spiritual, helping you to see the religious and spiritual viewpoints of our world, other people, and yourself.

Contact me, Rebecca Ellen Augustine, with questions or to schedule a time to visit.

◊ Rebecca Augustine, Author 

       Love Without Cause: Create Inner Transformation, Renew Your Thinking, and Be Love In a World That Doesn't Deserve It

by Rebecca Augustine

This book is a love letter to you.

Within its pages, the deepest, truest, purest human love embraces you. This love is your birthright.

This love, dorean love, reaches out to others without any cause in them, and loves them. It is love for the sake of love.

Dorean love simply loves. It does not love “because”; it loves regardless.

Dorean love is love without cause in the other.

You love already, of course, wrapping others warmly with your love; your mind and heart naturally love them because of who you are, and because of who they are, and because of the way you make each other feel. And that’s profound, and life-giving, and beautiful.

But dorean love is something different from that. 

It is not as much a feeling as a mindset,

not as much an action as a way of being.

Dorean love can only express love, regardless of the person being loved, because its nature is to love. It is its own raison d’être.

Dorean love empowers and transforms. It can transform others, and it can transform communities, societies, and cultures. But first, it must transform you, from the inside out. Dorean love requires an inner accounting and awareness, a love of yourself as well as a love of others.

Yes, dorean love gently but persistently nudges you to love yourself without judgment, criticism, or shame.

You can love yourself with dorean love, not because you’re worthy, not because you’re accomplished, not because you’re exceptional; you love yourself without any cause in you. Dorean self-love is not egotistical. On the contrary, you love yourself because dorean love can do nothing else but love.

So this love letter to you is about loving you ‒ without expectation, without reciprocation, without demands. Dorean love simply loves. You are loved.

No matter where you are in life, no matter what you’ve done, or what you’ve gone through, dorean love reaches you and loves you for no reason other than that you are.

And this love letter to you is about you loving others in the same way. As you read, you’ll see how to do it. 

Deep inside, you already know. 

You already know how to love and be loved this way. You will know it as soon as you experience it; it will resonate with every fiber of your being. You will feel like you’ve finally come home.

Imagine how your life would feel if you loved yourself this way.

Imagine if you loved everyone this way.

Imagine if everyone loved everyone this way!

What kind of world could we create?

With All My Love,

~Rebecca Augustine

Love ◊ Encourage ◊ Inspire